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White Noise Machine - Yellow Owl

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    • [Rechargeable and Plug-In Available] Rechargeable makes the baby sleep soother been a lifesaver, charging 1.5 hours and last for 30 or 38 hours in heartbeat or normal music respectively, so no need to search power source when going out. What's more, you can start to use it while charging. Super easy and convenient to take the baby sleep machine with you whenever and wherever
    • [8 Soothing Sounds] Playing 8 sounds, include heartbeat, shusher, white noise, Fan, Hush Little Baby, Cradle, Rock-a-Bye, and Twinkle. With the sound of a heartbeat, the baby will feel been accompanied by mom all the time. The sounds are soothing, relaxing, and have decent sound quality, perfect for bed or nap time, make baby feel safe, settle baby down and get baby to sleep. It is volume controllable, you can adjust the volume to meet your needs.
    • [Eye Friendly Adjustable Night Light ] Coming with 0.1W warm and soft night light, no dazzling for babies' eyes when they're staring at it and also helps to soothe baby in darkness. It's brightness adjustable, the lowest setting is dim enough for parents to sleep with yet bright enough that the baby doesn't freak out in the dark. The light could be turned off easily if the sound wanted only.
    • [Perfect Size 3in X 2.5in X 5.5in with Removable Strap ] It's small, portable, and one handheld. You can put the sound machine in a suitcase, diaper bag, or backpack when travel. The strap with a length of about 7in that allows this machine to attach to other things like a crib, pram, car seat, stroller, carriers, or chair. You can hang this to the car seat to calm the baby down while you are driving, which makes your car rides peaceful.
    • [3 Timer Options ] The sound machine has 3 timer options run for 30 or 60 mins and no timer that just let it run constantly and playing all night. With the timer, it will be auto shut off and you do not need to turn it off manually. It's memorizing, will continues with your last settings after the restart, including timer, sound, and night light. Perfect to give as a baby gift to new parents, reasonable, affordable motivate you do not have any hesitate to buy


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Julia Sweppy
    Worth it!!

    Originally I had bought the skip hop owl sleep soother and after two days and replacing the batteries 3x it was dying after 2 minutes of playing. I returned it and found this baby sleep soother, after a week of using it non stop its definitely so much better and we love it! it has a option to play for 30 min, 60 min or continually! Unlike the skip hop owl. And also has a night light built in it which is so nice since I like to keep it close to my baby and can see his face during night time.


    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! have had this since my daughter was 2 weeks she's 13 weeks now and she lives it, we use the white noise sound it calms her down when she's upset and helps her go to sleep. We take it everywhere and it's great that it has a light on it for middle of the night feedings so you don't have to turn on room light

    Kelley W.
    Great product and customer service

    Update: Contacted seller about my issue. Seller was quick to respond and showed pride in making it right. I got a replacement product a week later and they didnt have me send back the non working item. Still love it!Love this product. Volume control and the light are my favorite parts. An added plus is you can control the length of time it plays: 30 min, 60 min or continuous play. There are so many options. I highly recommend this product. Only thing is the first time I tried charging it will doesnt seem to charge. I let it charge all morning about 5 hours, until my daughters nap, but it plays for 30 seconds to a minute and shuts back off

    K. Knows Something
    Game Changer

    Such a great find/buy. I initially bought it for a trip and fell in love with it. Never stopped using it since. So basically all the sound features are awesome; however, the light is so underrated! The light allows you to see your baby while driving at night! Another thing I’d like to note is the adjustable rubber band because this stays in place which in turn doesn’t drag on the floor when you move the car seat bar up and down. Love this little gadget and wish I had it from the very start.

    Amy O.
    Awesome- even for toddlers!

    I bought this for my baby, but it turns out my toddler loves it and it really helps put her to sleep. I love how low the sound can get (it can get loud to) and that you have an option for the timer and nightlight. One charge lasts forever, so it’s great for traveling. I definitely would buy again.