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Baby Soother - Unicorn

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  • EFFECTIVELY MASKS NOISE: Beloved by generations since 1962, Yogasleep is the trusted leader in white noise machines and created our signature sound the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air. The Pocket Baby Soother gives you the Yogasleep sound in child-friendly shapes and masks sounds that may disturb or distract for improved sleep and soothing.
  • SIX SLEEP SOUNDS PLUS A TIMER: Choose from 6 curated sleep sounds including white noise, brown noise, our signature fan-based Dohm sound, gentle surf, Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, and a lullaby. Sleep timer with 30, 60, and 120-minute auto-off timers perfect for nap schedules.
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE & EASILY CLEANED: The Pocket Baby Soother fits easily in a diaper bag, backpack or tote, and comes with a baby-safe clip for easy fastening to a stroller, car seat, or crib. To clean, simply slip off the food-grade silicone cover and hand-wash or toss in the dishwasher.
  • FUN SHAPES & CHILD-SAFE: Available in four cute critter shapes including Fox, Dinosaur, Unicorn, and Penguin. It has undergone rigorous testing following toy industry standards and is completely child-safe.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: The Pocket Baby Soother is USB-rechargeable and operates all night long on a single charge. Includes a white USB cord so you can easily recharge on the go.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Midwest Midlife
I really like the "fan" sound

I cannot sleep or nap without white noise and I prefer a "fan" sound. I ordered this because it was so cute, BUT the biggest selling point for me is that this is USB rechargeable and operates all night long on a single charge. I haven't tested it out for an entire night yet, but I do like the fan sound on this. I won't be using the lullabies though they are an option. I also like that this can be hung up with the detachable loop. It is small, compact and easy to carry when traveling so it met my needs.

small but mighty

First of all this is just really cute. Perfect for babies or any unicorn lovers. This isn't the largest, but it works well and would be great for on the go, or just if you didn't want a large sound machine.


This is such a cute little noise maker. I love the unicorn style. It takes up little space. I like that it offers different sounds to choose from, I even like falling asleep with this on! **Thanks for reading my review & hope that it helps make your decision easier**

Nice and portable.

This little soother is perfect for babies that get fussy in the car. It's rechargable, and small enough to fit right in a diaper bag. It fits in the palm of your hand. It's made from a soft silicone, except the speaker front, which is hard plastic. It comes in a box suitable for gifting. The soother has two lullabyes and what sounds like just white noise, four different pitches. Not sure why they didn't include a heartbeat, like most soothers. The sound quality is just okay. There is a timer for 30 minutes, one hour and two hours. It has a small loop at the top to attach the included hanging bracket. The bracket is large enough to hang on crib rail.

Mrs C
Cutest sound machine ever!

When my 1st child was born, marpac sound machines were getting popular. We've been running them in our house for the last 15 years. When I saw this I had to get it. It does not disappoint. The sound is not quite as good as the original classic machine but this thing is tiny and adorable. It has multiple settings including 2 lullabies. It comes with a clip so you could hang it from a stroller or bag. Its small footprint makes it perfect for a tiny nursery or to put in a bag while traveling. And the current price of $19 makes it a perfect baby gift.Love this thing