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Travel Tangram Puzzle

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  • The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.
  • This Coogam tangram puzzle book is the newly designed and improved version of the original. There is less of a chance of mess thanks to the tangram's magnetic design. Its 6.1"x5.9" dimensions and 7.4oz weight makes it very portable.
  • This travel puzzle set contains 360 different patterns and solutions, these patterns can help little minds grasp concrete patterns, abstract shapes, problem-solving, and geometric shapes and sizes. They range in difficulty, but that means kids and adults can play, and kids can definitely grow with this.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mark van de Weg
Im the inventor of the game Twisting Tangrams

The game Travel Tangram has take Puzzle Assignments of my game Twisting Tangrams.
I am the inventor of the game Twisting Tangrams and the game Travel Tangram has take Puzzle Assignment out of my game Twisting Tangrams.
You can see the proofs on the website: www.traveltangram.com
China do this not for the first time!!!

S. Donahue
Challenging little game!

I wanted something small that I can work with while eating breakfast or hanging out. This hit the mark! I wanted the one that came with two sets of magnets, but am glad I didn’t get it. There is not enough space to work if a second set is there. The magnetic page and pieces are SUCH a help. Makes it super easy to work with. This is perfect just the way it is.Note: I bought this for myself, and it is challenging even for an adult.

bren cumm007
Good Buy!

Love it!

Jessica Armstrong
Amazing travel game for kids 4-5 and older

My boys have used this traveling since they were 4. We have used to for long distance air travel, car, everywhere. It is light weight and small enough to pack, the magnets allow everything to stay together so nothing is ever sliding off. This is the second one we have bought as a gift, and will continue to do so!

Good toy! Would buy again.

Got this and a few other car-suitable games to give to some kids going on a long drive. I have enjoyed tangrams on my cel but it is easier to notice errors that way. Electronic versions allow for an outline you fill in. In a real version like this, you could use a big triangle where a small one should be, for instance, and not notice. But that is just the way things are, not a fault of this particular product.I like the design. Sturdy enough to last years, but small and light enough to not clutter your car much at all. It is easy to see your goal shape while working, the work area is roomy, and the magnets are strong enough to stay where you put them but not so strong it's hard to move them.Unlike traditional versions with wooden pieces in a storage frame, you can put this away in an instant, no need for sorting, which imho gives it an advantage over the wooden ones even at home.