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Mini Baby GPS Tracker

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  • Monitor affordably - subscription required: Just like a cell phone, our real-time GPS tracker uses a built-in SIM card to give you unlimited data coverage. This includes unlimited tracking range, real-time geofencing, speeding, and SOS alerts. Cancel anytime, no contracts or activation fees.
  • Never worry or wonder again: Make sure people get where they're going, or where they say they're going. Get alerted if they go too far. Monitor drivers, speed, safety, and logistics for businesses. Keep employees and spouses honest. And never lose your valuable possessions or assets again.
  • Put it anywhere: The tiny, lightweight Prime Tracking GPS fits and conceals easily in strollers, vehicles, backpacks, or pockets. So small, it's virtually undetectable.
  • Track anywhere in North America from anywhere, anytime: Easily and privately track any location in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada from your computer, tablet, or phone. Works on multiple devices and networks, wherever there is cellular service.
  • Get information instantly: State-of-the-art 4G LTE technology means you get location, movement, and direction information as it happens, updated every 10 seconds in our smartphone app or desktop interface.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Excellent Device and Support!

I purchased both the GPS and weatherproof magnetic box and there hasn’t been a single day I’ve been disappointed. There were some questions I had during setup. I emailed them and they responded very quickly and professionally. The technical support was helpful until the issue was resolved and the issue was actually a “user error” when downloading the app. They have a great app for Droid and Apple. I have used others and I’m thrilled with this purchase. The battery life for the device is excellent even when heavily used.

So i've bought this product for my daughter.

She's 16 now and would sometimes go home late which worries me. The device, when I got it was so small. I was skeptical at first but when I got to try it, it really is great. The device pings my daughters location accurately. It is very easy to setup and use too. I haven't tried other tracking devices since this is the first one I bought but I can vouch that this product is really good.

Caseyf Savage
Five stars

This is the first time I have used any sort of GPS tracker and so far I have been pleasantly surprised with this product. Firstly, the product was extremely easy to set up. Second, I think one of the best features of the GPS tracker is that it shows the speed of the vehicle. Lastly, the size and ease of use of the tracker is amazing. There is no way that someone who wasn’t aware of the device being their vehicle would ever notice that it was there unless they knew what they were looking for. Overall, I give it 5 stars.

Katie Black
Great tracking device, accurate, easy to use

We wanted to get a device to keep an eye on our kids while we were on vacation. After some research I found the PrimeTracking device. It seemed to have the features I needed, ability to check on my phone and was well priced. After charging and activating the devices they worked perfectly. Tracks real time or you can get historical tracking from a date and/or time in the past. The app for my phone was easy to use and gives me real time location and speed. The historical information is great as I can tell easily how fast the car was traveling, where and includes all stops and durations. Would recommend this to someone needing reliable and easy to use tracker.

Laura Leigh Thiessen
Simple, Easy to Use, Good Battery Life GPS Tracking Unit

I was looking for a simple inexpensive GPS tracking unit (with or with out a service fee), I found it with this PrimeTracking GPS Unit. Upon un-boxing the unit, I charged it fully and then followed the instructions for downloading the APP to my iPhone (X) and then set up my account. I chose the month to month plan as I'm really only needing this during snowmobile season. After setting up the account I placed the unit on a window sill, less than a minute later I had satellite connection and I was off an running. I tested it out at home by walking around the block and it picked up my location at 10 second intervals. I did noticed that when I stopped sometimes it took a couple of intervals to have the dot over where my phone was. This did not bother me. Just this past weekend I took it up to Michigan on a snowmobile trip. I was impressed at how quickly it picked up the satellite signal and even inside my jacket pocket it tracked me all the way. I gave my account log in to my wife so she could keep track of my location.I was able to purchase this on sale for less than $15.00 on and when I'm not needing it in the spring I will cancel the service till next year.