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Mini Baby GPS Tracker

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  • Unlimited distance real-time tracking. A monthly fee is required. The full USA & all countries worldwide coverage. International SIM card included. Track Vehicles, Cars, trucks, Children, dogs, elderly, motorcycles, ATV, boats, equipment, tools, assets, car fleets, valuable belonging. A monthly fee of 19.95USD is required. Also available prepaid long-term plans for 16.60, 13.95, or 9.95USD. (See more details about the monthly fee at the end of the big paragraph)
  • Tracki is super small (1.75x1.5x0.55in) and super light (1.26 oz). Comes with a SIM card included and works worldwide. Included attachments: Strong magnet, Dog collar water-resistant silicone cover, Belt clip, Key-chain, lanyard. 5 years history. 30-75 days batt tracking 1-3 times/day. Optional 6x larger batt can last 6-10 months tracking 1-3 times/day.
  • Rechargeable battery life is 2-3 days tracking real-time every 1-5 minutes. If real-time tracking is not needed, the battery lasts 30-75 days tracking 1-3 times/day. Optional (not included) 3,500mAh longer life battery + magnetic waterproof box extends battery life to 2 weeks at 1 min update & 10 months tracking 1 time/day
  • Works with GPS satellites when outdoors and when indoors Tracki listens to nearby Wi-Fi routers MAC ID, matching IDs to Wi-Fi database for accurate location when GPS is not available. Get real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence zone that you designate. Receive SOS, low battery, speeding, start moving alerts via App notification, SMS, or email.

Customer Reviews

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Harry H.
Small, accurate, great price

I have the tracker set to 1 minute intervals and the battery has so far lasted ~60 hours and has 11% left.The tracker is very accurate and when using wifi is able to locate tracker to a 5’ radius after remaining stationary for a short time.Tracker is fairly accurate for tracking assets on the move, as expected there is a small tendency for lag and occasional pings to incorrect locations as it attempts to hit different wifi spots, but gives a good direction of travel and “incorrect” readings are generally still within 50’I read somewhere that there was the option to call and enable 5 second tracking through the company, which is not true. The tracker can be manually refreshed at 5 second increments though.The bluetooth location is also fairly accurate. It does not offer directional location and only lets you know a general proximity but with walking around and trial and error it can be located easily.Everything was easy to set up and customer service is fantastic (almost overly so) I asked a question on Saturday and had multiple reps reach out to me to resolve the issue, finally spoke with June who was able to answer my questions as well as activate lifetime warranty on the event the unit is somehow lost.

Accurate and very user friendly. Good customer service.

I recommend this device. It was more than I wanted spend and there are options that only cost $5 per month. However, those others are too much a hassle even for the technically inclined like myself. It is very accurate. Unfortunately, I hid my tracker too well and now I cannot find it on my car and the device ran out of battery : (Again it is very easy to use and I received excellent customer service.UPDATE: June 8, 2020Yet another great customer service experience with "Glen" - He handled all my inquiries, needs and even informed me (to which he also signed me up as well), for Tracki's Lifetime Warranty. He informed me that the Lifetime warranty comes with purchasing Tracki through - they will replace the device if lost/stolen or ceases to function- and Tracki has already replaced the first device I purchased (it got lost, or I hid it so well I couldn't find it and the battery died, lol!Thanks again Glen for excellent customer service!!**And a note for potential buyers: Im cheap, or try to be. Im very technical inclined and I have used an array of other similar devices; that said, this product is worth the money, It works great, it's very easy to navigate the application and the device itself seems to durable and hopefully it can handle a Los Angeles summer inside my motorcycle. I will add another update by the end of summer 2020 about it's resiliency to Southern California summer heat. (I hope it goes without saying that I will obviously try to keep the device as cool as possible in anyway I can.)

Charles Crooks

I've been involved with tracking devices since 2007. At the time they were $750. wholesale costs. The devices could only used GPS either direct or reflective mode. Anyway, these guys got it right.GPS is very sensitive. If GPS is not available due to satellite obstruction, then the unit switches to Cell Tower triangulation which is not as accurate as GPS, but still very good. Furthermore, the unit can pole the WIFI hotspots in the area to get a good location.Word is out on an update adding some additional features, once released will prove to be a valuable add-on.So, would I recommend one to any of my relatives, yes, only if I don't want them to get lost.Good product and great service.Charles

Does what its supposed to

Once we got past the set up, it seems to be doing what i need it to do with pretty good accuracy. This is just my first day of using it so things may change. I am using it as an emergency location device for my husband as he moves around the farm. I only need to check it if he doesn’t respond to a phone call or can’t tell me where he is. He suffered a TBI a couple of years ago and takes medicine for seizures. I just need to find him in an emergency. I tested it today and the accuracy is within 20 feet even when he was in the barn. I need a better way of attaching it to his person. A case that can be slid onto his belt would work the best. He gets too sweaty to wear the lanyard and would lose it out of his pocket. The customer service is the best it could be.

Nicole B
Excellent customer service!

So when I first got this, a series of unfortunate events transpired which led me to write a bad review. The unit I was sent must've been the dud of the bunch, my phone wasn't letting the app open and the monthly fee was higher than what I thought it would be. However, customer service was extremely helpful in making sure they sent a new device at no charge, they helped me set up the app and restarted my subscription to begin when I received the new device. Their customer service went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with their product. I would definitely recommend this device to others, as I believe I just happened to be the one who got the lemon, but it was handled promptly and professionally, and everything was made right. Pet owners should have no problems attaching this to their pet's harness and it's small enough it won't get in the way. And the app is great! Five stars, thank you!