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Baby Wrap Carrier - Cappuccino

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  • PREMIUM BABY WRAP CARRIER The balance of comfort, style, and support, wraps around your back and crosses in the front for inward-facing babywear.
  • SUPPORTIVE HANDS-FREE CARRYING A smart way to keep your baby comfortable, protected, and close to your chest, this baby wrap carrier lets you move, shop, and work freely.
  • SOFTER BREATHABLE COMFORT Knitted with a stretchy, high-quality rayon/polyester blended yarn, our baby wrap carrier is lighter and more comfortable for you and your baby.
  • Reinforced Gender Neutral Design Acrabros baby wrap carrier offer double-sided stitching for more strength and posture stability for safe hip development. one-size-fits-all baby carrier, the stretchy knit, and trendy color make it a great addition to any mom looking to care and cradle a baby.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great for the price!

I've worn this wrap a few times, and I'm really happy with it. I'm really short, so I was worried about the excess hanging off me, but its easy to tie or tuck in. It does take some practice and lots of youtube to get the wrap right, the directions were not very helpful. Baby seems to like it too. She can't hold her head up yet, so shes super snug against my chest. If you wear it the right way, it doesn't feel any different then holding her.

Great product

Love using this. Once I practiced with it a few times, I was able to fasten it without reading the directions. The little one loves it too and usually falls asleep within 10mins

Can be used for obesity too

I bought this in hopes of it holding my hanging gut up. After my back issues, I gained a massive amount of weight, as I couldn’t exercise the way I used to, but I sure did eat as much as I used to (I have since adjusted my eating and have been losing weight). The weight crept on and was only exacerbating my back issues. I wrap this around my gut for work and it gives me some much needed support. I even feel it helping while sitting at home after work. In saying that though, the clothes I wear for work aren't form fitting, so it’s not noticeable. I’m unsure if it will be discreet under clothes that are more form fitting.My only precaution to this is that some exercises for your core should be performed after your done wearing the wrap each time/day, as the wrap is taking away so much of the work your core does.

My baby is obsessed with being in this wrap

My baby LOVES this thing. She’s a month old and colicky so she’s hard to please, but this carrier has changed the game for us. I can get chores done. I can take care of her puppy siblings. I CAN EAT! And she’s perfectly content the whole time. I just ordered a second one. Initially I was worried about tying it safely and getting her in but it’s SO easy. Order it. Order 5.

Great quality and super comfortable!

This wrap is fantastic! I never did baby wearing with my daughter because I always imagined it would be uncomfortable/weird. But now that I have a toddler AND a newborn to tend to I figured I would give it a try. I decided to try this wrap because it's cheaper and has great reviews. I don't regret it one bit.If you watch a video it's actually very easy to use. Some other comments have mentioned it being too long but that's because it's a "one size fits all" situation. If you're smaller you'll have extra fabric but you can easily wrap it another time or two around your waist. I on the other hand am a bigger lady so I don't have an issue with extra fabric.So if you're considering getting a wrap I 100% recommend this one. It's soft with just enough stretch for baby to be comfy but not feel like they're going to fall out.