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Baby GPS Tracker with App

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  • Easiest & Fastest GPS Tracking: Spytec GPS offers the fastest GPS tracking for vehicles, valuables, and loved ones using 4G satellite technology. Receive location alerts from the GPS tracker via our iOS/Android apps.
  • Intuitive Software & Features: Easily watch your tracker move along a map, customize boundaries, pull historical data, speed, distance, & more. Ideal for use as a kids GPS tracker or car GPS tracker.
  • Reliable Service: With more than a 99.99% uptime and a .256 millisecond processing time our cloud-based technology will meet your needs, from the parent with a single GPS tracker to the growing business fleet.
  • Small & Versatile: Our mini GPS tracker is only 1" thick with up to 2-week battery life. Simply set/activate and use as a GPS tracker for Trucks, Fleets, GPS bike tracker, motorcycle tracker, or teen driver tracker.
  • Lifetime Warranty & Affordable Subscription: Annual subscription starts at $19.95/month. An alternate month-to-month subscription starts at $24.95/month and can be canceled at any time, free of charge. We also offer free 24/7 support and a lifetime warranty on GPS trackers with an active subscription. (Subscription is required to use this product)


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bizarro girl
Exceeded my expectations

The price is great, the monthly fee is very reasonable for the service provided. Don’t forget to charge it for at least 8-9 hours before you use it. Do this every time you charge it and it will last for weeks between charges if the tracked object has moderate daily movement. If you don’t, it will drain in a matter of days and you might think that it is defective. The accuracy is pretty decent even in rural areas, however, be aware that it takes good cell service or wifi to view it. It gets the location right within a few meters usually. The only odd thing is that sometimes the location pin will drift slightly throughout the day even when the object itself hasn’t moved at all. It is usually only by a few meters so it isn’t a dealbreaker, just something to be aware of. In summary, the tracker app gives you a lot of great info and tracks in real time. I use the mid priced monitoring that updates every 30 seconds. Sometimes it takes a little more than 30 seconds but more often than not, it keeps up. I found out the answers that i needed to know in the first 48 hours of using this product. Now i use it to bait and catch thieves when i get bored. My favorite feature of the app is the satellite view. It looks like Google earth.

Denise Richard Feraci
Peace of mind for a Dementia Patient

I purchased this for my dad who is in the beginning stages of dementia. He is still insisting on driving short distances, so we have been very concerned. This tracker has not missed a beat in tracking him. I purchased the case that goes along with it & it is working great on the bottom of his truck bed. The battery life is about 1.5 weeks (depending on how much he travels). I had 1 instance where it was not picking up after I charged it & put it back. I contacted tech support & they got back with me right away. They had me check how I had positioned the gps in the case & sure enough, that was the issue. (user error) I would recommend this to anyone in the same situation. It gives us peace of mind & a starting point if he ever (God forbid) goes missing.

The quality of this company is top notch!

I set up the account and had a little trouble with the device picking up transmission for the first time when I initially tried this product. It was 2am and emailed customer support thinking someone may get back to me in a day or two, but to my surprise they responded with an email within 15 minutes and the email was detailed enough in terms of instructions that anyone could understand exactly what to do. I followed the instructions and still had no signal transmitting on the device. I emailed back and once again within 15 minutes I received a detailed response of what to do next. It turned out I simply had to take it outside and then the product worked exactly as intended. Honestly, for the price of this product I was skeptical that it would work at all, but it has worked beautifully so far and I am thrilled with this company so far. Set up is simple, the functions are user-friendly and the product itself so far seems to be sturdy and well-made. I am super happy with my purchase.

Works as advertised.

Very accurate.*Okay, now for an update. After using this product for several months I can say, I'm still extremely satisfied!I use the cheaper, one minute ping plan and it still gets me very close, usually from 25 to 100 feet. I’ve used this to track a person that travels out of state (300 plus miles) and it’s great! The timing has gotten me within 2 minutes of where the person is when they are moving on the highway.Once stopped, as I said it usually gets me to within 100 feet of where they are (or much less). Close enough that (assuming you know the vehicle being driven) you can easily spot them. The "Map it" feature with google maps is also useful for getting a bird's-eye view of the area.The battery has lasted as advertised also. Basically, the faster the ping, the more accurate the location and movement you’ll have but the more the battery will run. As I mentioned, I use the slower “one ping per minute plan” and at that rate it will last the full two weeks as advertised.The 24-hour mapping feature is nice also, to review travel routes – although the time listed may be off. I’m not sure if this is a Daylight-Savings Time problem or not.The “vehicle running” feature is useful too. It lets you know if there is just a momentary pause or if there is no movement for long periods of time, like overnight.If you are in need of the ability to track a vehicle or a person this device works extremely well for the price. The only drawback is if there are no cell phone towers around for the device to ping off of. That is getting rarer as time goes by.

Peace of Mind

I love this product and the simplicity of use. Yes, I knew ahead of time it requires a data subscription. Any decent tracker does. There are 3 price plans based on need. I purchased this product to go on my mom's car due to beginnings of dementia. I can quickly see not only where she is, I am notified by text when she leaves and enters the boundary area, and can review her travels to see if she has shown signs of getting lost. I have her boundary area set up to cover the main places she goes to avoiding needless texts. The battery life has been very good, but she doesn't drive far or everyday. I purchased the magnetic case for ease of placement. Staff were quick to respond to assist in setting up the text notifications.