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Baby Car Mirror with Infrared Camera

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  • New upgrade: A new generation of car baby rearview mirror, 5 inches larger display, new upgrade of the screen material, the display effect is clearer. It is directly installed in the center console of the car without turning your head to look at it, which increases the safety of exercise.
  • Night vision function: Unlike other baby rearview mirrors, our baby rearview mirrors are equipped with infrared cameras, which can achieve real night vision effects and ensure that the baby can be seen clearly at night.
  • Non-destructive installation: No need to break the wire to install, directly plug the connector into the cigarette lighter to install non-destructively, will not damage your car, easy to understand.
  • Stable and firm: The infrared camera has a rope, which can be firmly mounted on the rear pillow, and will not shake during driving. At the same time, there is 3M glue at the bottom of the display, which can stand stably on the center console.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I'll get for baby showers.

I wish I had gotten it when my son was younger. Much better than mirrors that you can't see in the dark. The tint in my car is dark so it was hard to see my baby in the backseat with just a regular baby mirror so I decided to try this. The night vision is really non existent but we havent really needed it at night since she just sleeps. Also the cords go all the way through the car so you have to line them up and tuck them in.This is definitely something I'll get for baby showers.

Really great vision!

I love this! I work for usps and actually use this for both my kiddo in the back seat then when working from my car i flip it around for better visual out my back window! It is really high quality and clear even in the dark and rain!! This would make a really great gift as well! cant go wrong with this!

A must have

This makes me feel so more at ease knowing I can see my baby in the back seat. No need to freak out with every cry or noise or break your neck trying to look or pulling over to see what's the matter. That's so relieving. You can see baby the whole time. A great value and investment in general.

Sweet Reviews
Super Convenient

We travel quite often and turning around to check on the baby was a bad distraction while driving.With this video monitor our safety as well as peace of mind has been relaxed.It is made of quality materials & technology.Clear view as well as night vision.It hooks on firmly so your child cannot yank it down.This is by far the best product if you have little ones & travel!

Love this

This is soooo much better than those little mirrors you have to look back for. I use it for my baby that sits behind me and it really gives me such a piece of mind when I drive. Super easy to set up and very user friendly.